YardPod Inside

I have been working from home for over ten years and highly recommend it.

For me, “working from home” means leaving my house to walk the twenty steps to my YardPod.  My personal home office is far enough away from domestic distractions to be able to focus on work. But still close enough to home that I can enjoy coffee or lunch with my family when time permits.

  • No more commuting!

Imagine the time and cost savings and the reduction of stress! I wish I could put a billboard on every major freeway for people leaving cities to say: “If you had a YardPod you would be home by now.”  Leave home later, arrive home earlier and happier to spend quality time with our families.

  • Fewer time-consuming meetings!

I once worked in a company that had so many face to face meetings that we created yet another, called YAMM (Yet Another Meeting Meeting). This was used to discuss all of the issues that we could not address because we had too many meetings (true story). Company employees will still meet face to face, but more often by video conferencing which can be far more efficient. Video conferencing from a YardPod ensures no disruption from kids / dogs, etc.

  • Having a quiet place to concentrate.

There was a time, many years ago when office workers all had private offices. That became too expensive and most companies moved to “Open Plan” layouts with cubicles where noise and distractions were constant.  The best open plan layouts can be wonderful, but they are few and far between. Alternatively, a YardPod provides a quiet sanctuary where you control whether or not you have music.

  • Enjoy Nature:

Close the doors and shut the world out or open the doors and enjoy hearing the birds and other wildlife when weather permits. I am fortunate enough to live in a climate which allows me to work with the french doors open most of the year.  I really enjoy the fresh natural air, sounds and scents.

If the idea of a personal detached home office appeals to you, call or email me to discuss adding a YardPod. Then, when the current restrictions are lifted, visit me in person at my home office.  I love having a YardPod and think that you will too.

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