With our Partner Contractors, we can deliver a Turnkey YardPod with windows, doors, finishes, fully painted, with electricity, ready for the owner to move in. Available in the North and East San Francisco Bay.

In addition, we offer Custom Design Services. Custom YardPods are available in many different sizes, configurations, and finishes which customers can mix and match to produce a highly personalized YardPod. Every YardPod is unique.

Turnkey YardPods with a flat roof and standard finishes of 120 sq ft are currently costing about $28,000 in the North Bay. This is for a complete YardPod with electricity, insulation, doors, windows  and all painting.  Smaller YardPods cost less. Some customers prefer to do some of the work themselves, such as laying the flooring, and/or painting and this can reduce costs.  We are completely flexible to undertake as much or as little as the owner wants.

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Turnkey YardPod Design Options

Size and Roof Shape Options

We offer four 120 sqft standard YardPod designs:

  • 10ft x 12ft Flat Roof
  • 10ft x 12ft Sloped Roof
  • 8ft x 15ft Flat Roof
  • 8ft x 15ft Sloped Roof

YardPods which are 120 sq ft or less (measured outside) typically do not require a building permit.

In addition, we are happy to customize the standard designs by re-sizing or moving doors and windows, or to create a new design to meet customer requirements.

YardPod Study Set

Foundation Options

Turnkey YardPod foundations are normally built with a concrete slab, if the ground is level, or on concrete piers for a flat or sloping site. Piers generally cost less.

The choice of foundation will depend on the slope of the ground and the soil conditions. It is recommended that an engineer be consulted for all except a level to moderate slope on good ground. Steep slopes will require engineering.

Popular foundations include:

  • Concrete Pier
  • Precast Concrete Pier
  • Concrete Slab
  • Gravel Bed
  • Screw Pile

Concrete Piers

Precast Concrete Piers

Concrete Slab

Gravel Bed

Wall Construction

Walls are typically either 2″x4″ or 2″x6″ framing, depending on the design. YardPods will be constructed on site by the general contractor using typical home-building methods and materials. Turnkey YardPods are infinitely customizable, so we can build and deliver exactly what each customer wants.

Standardized design ensures higher quality and speeds up the build process.

YardPod panels assembled on-site by local YardPod knowledgeable contractors.

Exterior and Interior Wall Finish Options

YardPod exterior and interior wall finish choices are limitless.

Popular exterior wall finishes include:

  • LP SmartSide, painted
  • Vertical cedar
  • Horizontal t&g boarding (often to match existing homes)
  • Cement board rain screen with open-joint panels
  • Vertical cedar rain screen with open-joint panels
  • Galvalume rain screen with open-joint panels

Popular interior wall finishes include:

  • Painted sheetrock
  • 1/4″ Finished Plywood. Clear-coated and stained
LP Smartside

Painted LP Smartside – Standard

YardPod Exterior Wall Finishes

Popular exterior wall finishes

Interior finishes Yardpods

Clear Coat Plywood – Standard

Popular interior wall finishes

Window Options

YardPods feature all of the widely-available Manufacturers of premium-grade, durable, energy-efficient dual-pane windows available in vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum or wood with unlimited sizes and placements. Multiple exterior colors and interior colors are available for each type of window.

Our high-performance Low-E insulating glass lowers energy costs, helps YardPods stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, reducing the fading of interior furnishings and condensation.

YardPod windows are built for decades of maintenance free operation.

The three most popular types of window are:

  • Tall thin windows with a fixed lower section and casement upper section.
  • Opening Casement window. These maximize openings, light and ventilation. Because they open out, blinds can be placed inside if required.
  • Awning window. These smaller windows are ideal over bookcases and other furniture while providing ventilation.

We generally avoid large fixed picture windows because cross-ventilation is very important.

We are able to match both the manufacturer and finish of existing windows if required.

Window Options

Door Options

YardPods feature premium-grade, durable, energy-efficient doors available in many sizes and placements. Multiple exterior colors and interior colors are available for each type of door.

YardPod doors are built for decades of maintenance free operation.

French Doors

  • PVC, Steel, Fiberglass or wood with double-pane glass
  • 5ft or 6ft wide x 80” high
  • We recommend that both doors are operable and swing out

Glass Panel Door

  • Same construction as French Doors
  • Normally 36” wide x 80” high
  • Can swing left or right and in or out

Sliding Door

  • Aluminum, vinyl, fiberglass or wood.
  • 5ft or 6ft wide x 80” high
  • One side is usually fixed

Flooring Options

For concrete slabs:

  • Slab can be left as is, or
  • Can be finished in a floating wood or bamboo floor.
  • Tiles, vinyl, carpet, etc., can also be used.

Concrete can be cold in winter, we always recommend a floor finish on top and insulation can be added beneath the finish.

For wood floors:

  • We normally build with 2×6 FSC Wood construction on 24″ centers to ensure quality and strength, with ¾” ply on top.
  • R-19 insulation
  • Underside of the floor is covered with plywood to minimize pest intrusion and further strengthen the structure

The most popular wood flooring finishes are:

  • Plywood with clear-coat sealer
  • Engineered wood
  • Bamboo
  • Cork

Floor framing panels


Popular flooring finishes

Roof Options

We offer several popular roofing material finishes.

For flat roofs:

  • Duro-Last Membrane. This is long-lasting vinyl sheet with an integrated fascia.

For sloping roofs:

  • Composite Shingles
  • Standing Metal Seam
  • Galvalume

About Flat Roofs
In the Bay Area, a flat roof is the lowest cost and often most suitable as we have no snow considerations, but we often have height and view limits. We recommend single membrane roof finishes such as Duro-Last. Our roofs have a slight slope to throw rainwater away from the door, but we do not need rainwater gutters.

Duro-Lat Cool Roof - YardPods

Duro-Last Membrane

Popular Roofing Materials

Insulation Options

All Turnkey YardPods can be delivered with Recycled Natural Cotton Fiber (Denim) insulation.

  • R-21 in Roof and Floor, R-13 or R-21 in walls. Additional insulation can be provided if required in the form of 1” or 2” of polystyrene on the outer surfaces.
  • Denim has extremely effective sound absorption, with
  • Maximum thermal performance
  • It DOES NOT ITCH and is very easy to handle and work with
  • No chemical irritants and requires no warning labels compared to other traditional products
  • No VOC concerns, it is safe for you and the environment

Where cost is the greatest concern, we can use encapsulated fiberglass insulation.

R-19 in Roof and Floor, R-13 in walls

Recycled Natural Cotton Fiber

Planning, Design and Construction Options

We have been designing and building YardPods for over 10 years and have extensive experience in optimizing the design and materials. We are equally happy to deliver a standard design, to customize a standard design, or to create a completely new design to meet customer requirements.

Following a site visit, we can quickly recommend the best solution for any homeowner and any site. We continue to provide advice, consulting and design work while also coordinating and supervising construction.

In order to expand our reach around the Bay Area and to keep costs in check, we have now partnered with leading general contractors who specialize in small buildings. These partnerships minimize costly travel time for construction crews and provide the most cost-effective building.

Planning, Design and Project Management

Local Pro Builders

To discuss your requirements for a Turnkey YardPod, please contact us.

We are here to assist in every step of planning, designing, and building a YardPod. Whether you need a lot of help or just a little. We offer many years of expertise and knowledge with residential accessory structures. We are happy to give you free advice to help you reach a decision without sales pressure.

Contact the YardPod Guys

Turnkey YardPod Study Sets – Free

If you have an interest in a Turnkey YardPod, please review our free study sets and decide whether or not a standard design will meet your needs.

Building PermitAbout Building Permits

Typically, we can build a YardPod of 120sqft or less, without the need for building permits, when it is not classified as a “living space.”  Some areas, especially in agricultural zoning, allow larger structures without permits. Each local authority has its own set of rules and regulations, for example, in San Francisco there is an 8ft height limit and a maximum size of 100 sqft.  We will be pleased to help you to plan a YardPod which meets local regulations. Note that electrical work always needs an electrical permit, but that does not trigger the need for a building permit. If plumbing or drainage is planned, that always indicates a living space and the building must have a full set of Planning and Building Permits, greatly increasing cost.

Custom Turnkey YardPod Designs

For customers requiring special features and design elements in their YardPod, we offer our Custom Design Service where we apply YardPods’ leading design practices and high quality materials to customer-specified sizes, configurations and finishes.

We are happy to customize a YardPod design or create a totally new YardPod just for you. We will provide drawings and once you have a design and specification that you like, we will request a firm Price Proposal from one of our builder partners which will be delivered to you. You will contract directly with the builder while we will remain available to supervise and advise.

Custom Design Services are subject to consulting fees which will be agreed in advance of each project.

Custom YardPod Design