We offer Detailed Design Services where we design a unique YardPod just for you, with the size, configuration and finishes that meet your requirements and budget.

We design a unique YardPod just for you!

Here are few Detailed Design areas where we can help:

  • Match your home: Exterior siding, trim, windows, roof, etc.
  • Recommend materials and finishes to match your budget
  • Custom Construction Drawings
  • Custom windows and doors
  • Design for sloped properties
  • HVAC options
YardPods Planning
YardPod Construction Drawings

Detailed Design Consulting

Detailed design of a detached structure in your backyard is complex but can be whole lot easier when you are guided by a YardPod Design Pro.

Detailed Design Consulting is based on number of hours. To find out how many hours your project will take please request a price quote and a YardPod Pro will contact you.

YardPod Builder

We can help you find the a suitable YardPod builder in your area.

YardPod Builder

Please call or send a message to discuss your requirements.

Use our expertise for proven quality designs, how-to guidance, and to eliminate costly fees, time delays, and local government bureaucracy.

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