Your Space, Your Way

In each category below please select your YardPod design preferences. When you share your YardPod design preferences with us you’ll receive:

  • A 3D Sketch of your custom YardPod
  • Cost-to-build guidance
  • A free Initial Consulting phone session with a YardPod Pro

Important: We might not have displayed your preferences below or you may not know exactly what you want right now. That’s okay. We will work with you to design the perfect YardPod. This is just to get the ball rolling!

Every YardPod is customized to match the owner’s needs with a focus on building in:

  • Marin County
  • Oakland
  • Berkeley

Architectural Style

We offer several architectural styles that can be highly customized. If you want a style not shown we would be happy to accommodate.


10ft x 12ft and 8ft x 15ft YardPods are the most popular but any size is possible. YardPod sizes 120 sqft or less usually don't require full building permits. But with 120v power included an electrical permit is required. If you have a specific size not shown select Other and we'll figure it later.

Size Dimensions *

Foundation Type

YardPod foundations are normally built with a concrete slab, if the ground is level, or on concrete piers for a flat or sloping site. Piers generally cost less.

Foundation *

Roof Finish

Any standard finish can be incorporated. We generally recommend matching your existing house.

Roof Finish *

Exterior Wall Finish

YardPod exterior wall finish choices are almost limitless. Here are some popular choices.

Exterior Wall Finish *

Door Style

YardPods feature premium-grade, durable, energy-efficient doors available in many sizes and placements. Multiple exterior colors and interior colors are available for each type of door.

Door Style *

Window Style

All windows are double paned with screens.

Window Material *
Window Type

Interior Wall Finish

The most popular is painted sheetrock, followed by Clear Coat Plywood, but we can design any material that you want.

Interior Wall Finish *


We can incorporate any finish. The most popular are:

Flooring *


We can use Fiberglass or recycled Natural Cotton. Tell us if you have special insulation requirements.

Insulation *


Permits will be required to connect electrical outlets and lighting to the main house.

Power *


YardPod lighting fixture choices are almost limitless. Here are some popular choices.

Lighting *


A space heater is sufficient in many areas of the SF Bay Area. If air conditioning is required, we recommend a mini-split system.


Send Your Design Preferences To Us

We will send you a 3D Sketch of your custom YardPod and Cost-to-Build guidance.

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