Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I select a YardPod rather than a competitor’s product?2019-08-11T13:00:01-07:00


If you want a drafty “shed” that is too hot in summer, too cold in winter and which will rot in a few years, buy a shed from your local hardware store. However, if you want a high quality comfortable office or studio that may be tax-deductible as a home office, and which will enhance your property, select a YardPod.


All materials recommended for use in YardPods are selected to be as sustainable as possible. We recommend bamboo flooring and recycled insulation with excellent thermal and acoustic properties. We offer cool roofs which reflect the sun and we offer highly insulated doors and windows.


YardPods offer the best value. Compare with an equivalent site-built room which can cost $50,000 or more.


We design and operate the business out of San Rafael, Marin and Fort Worth, Texas. In addition, we have a network of Partner-Builders to provide local construction services. Support your local businesses!

How do I get a YardPod?2019-08-11T13:02:45-07:00
  • Before starting, you should check whether or not there are any restrictions on building on your site and whether or not you will need any permits. You will also need to determine the setbacks from your property lines. You can do this yourself, or we can do it for you with our YardPod Site Plan.
  • In most areas, you can build a detached structure which is not for living in, up to 120 sq ft in area. However, some authorities impose stricter conditions by limiting the size and/or the height.
  • Once you know what is possible, please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.
  • There are two primary ways forward:
    • You can Do-It-Yourself, with or without help, or
    • You can hire a local contractor to build it for you.

Do-It-Yourself (DIY):

Hire a Local Contractor to build your YardPod:

    • First, purchase a YardPod Construction Drawing Set from YardPods.com, or have us prepare a Custom YardPod Construction Drawing Set for you.
    • Select a short-list of licensed contractors and invite them to submit a quotation. If you do not have favorites, we can help you to find them.
    • Review the price quotes and contracts, ask whatever questions you have, select one, sign the order form and arrange payments.
    • The builder will commence work on an agreed schedule.
How long does it take to get my YardPod?2019-08-11T13:02:45-07:00

This depends on the workload of the builder. It is possible to complete each project within six to eight weeks of every order.

Can I use my own design for a YardPod?2019-08-11T13:02:13-07:00

Yes. We are happy to work with you on your custom design.

What kind of foundation do I need?2019-08-11T13:02:13-07:00

We recommend building YardPods on concrete piers or a concrete slab. Piers will be required if the site is sloping. Piers are normally cheaper than a concrete slab.

Can I order a larger (than 10×12) YardPod?2019-08-11T13:00:45-07:00

Yes, we are happy to work with you on a Custom Design. Permits will normally be required on larger YardPods.

Can I include a bathroom or kitchen?2019-08-11T13:02:13-07:00

Buildings with Bathrooms and Kitchens need permits, both Planning and Building, please contact us to discuss. Note that the permit process will typical double the cost of the building.

Do I need a permit?2019-08-11T12:51:25-07:00

Each authority has its own set of regulations. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to verify whether or not permits are required. Generally, you will not need a permit if you comply with planning setbacks and stay within 120 sq.ft. because such YardPods are defined as “Detached Accessory Structures” and are supplied without electricity and water hook-ups.

A permit for electricity can usually be obtained over the counter at your local authority, without triggering the need for a building permit.

Does a YardPod come with heating and/or cooling?2019-08-11T13:02:13-07:00

YardPods are typically well-insulated and we recommend a cool roof membrane, reflect a lot of sunlight, but all buildings will revert to the outside ambient temperature when not heated or cooled. For heating, we recommend a small electrical space heater. For air conditioning, a wall-mounted unit is best. We have recommendations for the best, most widely-available units.

Is there a solar-powered option?2019-08-11T13:02:13-07:00

Yes, as long as you do not need to power air conditioners or computers. We are happy to recommend suitable systems.

Do you offer Auxiliary Dwelling Units (ADU’s), “Granny Units” or other small homes?2019-08-11T13:04:17-07:00

We welcome the opportunity to design ADUs and small homes for you. Note that these will always require full Planning and Building Permits. Please contact us to discuss.