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Yardpod exteriorWhy should I select a YardPod rather than a competitors product?

QUALITY: If you want a drafty “shed” that is too hot in summer, too cold in winter and which will rot in a few years, buy a shed from your local hardware store. However, if you want a high quality comfortable office or studio that may be tax-deductible as a home office, and which will enhance your property, select a YardPod.

TURNKEY: If you live in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, take advantage of our full service option. Manufactured to your specification, delivered and installed by our Experienced Installer, this is the fastest solution with the highest quality.

DIY: If you want to Do It Yourself and are handy with basic construction tools, or have friends who are (or a local General Contractor you like), our DIY YardPods offers unbeatable speed and cost advantages. Build your YardPod over a weekend.

GREEN: All materials used in YardPods are selected to be as sustainable as possible. The panels are built with virtually no waste. Because the panels are light, shipping costs are reduced. We recommend bamboo flooring and recycled insulation with excellent thermal and acoustic properties. We offer cool roofs which reflect the sun and we offer highly insulated doors and windows.

PRICE: YardPods offer the best value. Compare with an equivalent site-built room which can cost $50,000 or more.

LOCAL: We design and operate the business out of San Rafael, Marin. We prefabricate in Penngrove, Sonoma. Support your local businesses!

How do I get a YardPod?

In Northern California:
• First decide if this is a YardPod:
• If the proposed building is greater than 120 sq ft, or is used for Living (as in ADU), is to have plumbing and/or heating, it probably needs a permit. This means that it will need full conventional foundations and must be built to meet all home building codes and have full certified inspections in the factory and on site. This process will double the total cost, will take much longer and will not be a YardPod. We advise you to discuss your project with your local Building Department for advice.
• If the project is 120 sq ft or less, or does not need permits, it can be a YardPod.
• Call us to discuss your requirements.
• Invite us to visit your site for a free Design Consultation.
• Meet us on site, review the location options, review the design options, finishes, etc. Agree a design.
• We will provide a 3D sketch free of charge.
• Take the sketch to your local Planning Department to obtain information on site set-backs to ensure that you can place your YardPod where you want it.
• Check your Homeowners Association CC&R’s (if you have one).
• Consider discussing with your neighbor if they will have a view of the YardPod (they might like to order one at the same time).
• When you wish to proceed, call us to finalize the design and to request a price quote, free of charge.
• Contact your own electrician or ours if you plan to install power and light.
• Review our price quote and contract, sign the order form and arrange payment.
• We will confirm, order materials and begin fabrication.
• We will deliver and install as soon as we receive all materials.

Outside of Northern California:
We do not presently ship outside of Northern California. Please call or email and express your interest and we will inform you when we can deliver to you.

How quickly can I get my YardPod?

There is normally a 6 week delay while windows and doors are manufactured and delivered to our factory. Once delivered to us, we will schedule the installation of your YardPod within the following two weeks.  On site construction takes under one week once foundations are installed.

Can I use my own design for a YardPod?

Yes. We are happy to work with you on your custom design, design fees apply.

Can I order a larger (than 10×12) YardPod?

Yes, we are happy to work with you on a Custom Design. We will request a retainer for custom home design work. Permits will normally be required on larger YardPods.

Can I include a bathroom or kitchen?

Yes, but this work would be contracted by the owner to a local contractor to undertake after the YardPod is complete.

Do I need a permit?

Each authority has its own set of regulations. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to verify whether or not permits are required. Generally, you will not need a permit if you comply with planning setbacks because YardPods, which are a maximum of 120 sq ft, are defined as “Detached Accessory Structures” and are supplied without electricity and water hook-ups.

If you wish to apply for permits, we can provide you with a set of architectural and structural drawings for $500.

What kind of foundation do I need?

YardPods can be built on traditional concrete foundations, or a concrete slab which may be required if a Building Permit is needed. Normally, YardPods do not need permits (please check with your local authority) and can be placed on concrete piers.

Will you deliver?

Yes, we can arranged for delivery of YardPod in Northern California.

Will you assemble the YardPod for me?

We are happy to assemble YardPods in Northern California.

We are able to complete the YardPod in our factory with doors (except double doors which must be site-installed), windows and finishes completed and will deliver it to you as a flat-pack. This is the fastest way to obtain a YardPod.

Do you install electricity?

No. We can install electrical junction boxes and conduit, but as electrical work needs an electrical permit, the wiring and connections must be made by a licensed electrical contractor.

Does a YardPod come with heating and/or cooling?

YardPods are well-insulated and with a cool roof membrane, reflect a lot of sunlight, but all buildings will revert to the outside ambient temperature when not heated or cooled. For heating, we recommend a small electrical space heater. For air conditioning, a wall-mounted unit is best, we can provide the opening if the customer tells us what size it should be and where. For a more sophisticated system, we recommend that you contact a licensed local contractor.

Is there a solar-powered option?

Yes, this is part of our Custom Design Option

Do you offer Auxiliary Dwelling Units (ADU’s), “Granny Units” or other small homes?

Not at this time.

Other questions?

Please contact us.