YardPods® are prefabricated Home Offices and Studios custom-configured using our exclusive catalog of eco-friendly, modular building components. Pre-built at our factory and installed in a few days on your site. Permit-free in most areas.

  • YardPods HQ Home Office

YardPods HQ Home Office

The first YardPod.

  • YardPods writer studio

YardPod Writer’s Studio

This YardPod Writer's Studio has panoramic views across the San [...]

  • Guest Cabana - YardPods

YardPod Guest Cabana in San Francisco

YardPod Guest Cabana | 10ft x 12ft | San Francisco, [...]

  • YardPod Home Office in Marin

YardPod Home Office with a Bathroom

This 8ft x 12ft YardPod is divided into an 8ft [...]

  • Home Office - YardPods

YardPod Home Office in Oakland

This 10ft x 12ft YardPod Home Office was built with [...]

  • YardPod Home Office in Kentfield

New YardPod Home Office in Kentfield

This 10ft x 12ft YardPod replaced a broken down greenhouse [...]

YardPod Home Office for a Teacher in Berkeley, California

This 8ft x 12ft YardPod was designed and built for [...]

YardPod® in Berkeley, California

This is the latest YardPod, our first in Berkeley, constructed [...]