We help homeowners plan, design and build detached Home Offices, Studios and Guest Cottages (ADU).

  • Local Building Regulations

  • Site Assessment

  • Design Consultation

  • Local Designer and Builder Referrals

  • Budget Guidance & Timetable


YardPod Home Offices

Cool free-standing rooms typically installed in backyards and used for home offices, studios, and more.

These are not “Sheds” to store your garden tools. YardPods are custom, well-finished, heavily-insulated and comfortable rooms to work, play or relax in. YardPods are modern looking, infinitely patronizable, superior craftsmanship, and heavily eco-friendly.


YardPod ADUs

For Homeowners, we offer consulting services to help you get started so you can complete your project faster and at a lower price than if you try to manage it yourself.

We also have a wealth of resources such as ADU Designs for inspiration, local Architect & Designer listings, Builder listings, local ADU Regulations, and other essential and handy Resources.

SF Bay Area Counties map

YardPods’ focus of work is the SF Bay Area.

Site Assessment

Site Assessment

Get started building your custom ADU or Backyard Office with our comprehensive Site Assessment.


  • On-site visit
  • Your objectives and requirements
  • Local regulation review
  • Design ideas and options
  • Drawing of optimal structure placement
  • List of potential issues
  • List of best local designers and builders
  • Budget guidance & timetable
  • Full report with next step recommendations
Site Assessment