YardPods is a design and building consultancy specializing in detached backyard offices and studios.

YardPodsWe design cool free-standing rooms typically installed in backyards and used for home offices, studios, ADUs and more. Each of our designs are custom, unique, well-finished, heavily-insulated and comfortable rooms to work, play or live in.

Invented by The Pod Guys (Malcolm and Marvin), YardPods are the sort of rooms they wanted for themselves –modern looking, infinitely personizable, superior craftsmanship, and heavily eco-friendly. A “getaway” room only a few steps away that was their own personal space. Turns out many people also wanted the same thing and so a business was started.

The Pod Guys have backgrounds in architecture, engineering, fabrication, modular housing, and design automation. They are committed to quality and excellence in everything they do and make sure everyone at YardPods shares the same passion.

Please contact us and let us create a unique personal space for you.


Malcolm DaviesMalcolm Davies

B.Arch(Hons), Ph.D. Architecture & Building Science (Strathclyde)

Malcolm was trained as an architect and has a Ph.D. in Architecture & Building Science. He practiced architecture in the UK and practiced and taught in Saudi Arabia before moving to the USA. He has specialized in prefabricated and modular housing as well as small structures (YardPods). Malcolm has been CEO of Frank Gehry’s technology group and CEO of Michelle Kaufmann’s modular design office. He has also held senior positions in technology companies (VP-General Electric, SVP-Autodesk, CEO-Cadkey, COO-Hyprotech, etc.). He remains CEO of Techevate, marketing BricsCAD  software.

Malcolm’s focus now is on applying his knowledge and experience to the Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) marketplace with a focus on the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Marvin MauerMarvin Mauer

BS Civil Engineering

Marvin started his career as a Registered Civil Engineer in California and a Licensed Land Surveyor. He transitioned to CAD software and worked for Autodesk for 9 years as Marketing Operations Director and VP of Direct Marketing and Sales. In 2003, Marvin founded and was CEO/President of Houseplans.com, a leading online provider of stock house plans. In 2007, he co-founded YardPods, a maker and marketer of prefab backyard home offices. Marvin has been involved in digital marketing and Ecommerce businesses since 1995 and has worked for tech and construction companies such as Intuit Construction Management and Tumbleweed Tiny Houses.

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