We are architectural design and building consultants specializing in detached backyard offices and studios with a focus on the San Francisco Bay Area.

YardPodsWe are Architectural Designers and Consultants. We design cool free-standing rooms typically installed in backyards and used for home offices, studios and more. Each of our designs are custom, unique, well-finished, heavily-insulated and comfortable rooms to work, exercise or play in.

Invented by The Pod Guys (Malcolm and Marvin), YardPods are the sort of rooms they wanted for themselves –modern looking, infinitely personizable, superior craftsmanship, and heavily eco-friendly. A “getaway” room only a few steps away that was their own personal space. Turns out many people also wanted the same thing and so a business was started.

The Pod Guys have backgrounds in architecture, engineering, fabrication, modular housing, and design automation. They are committed to quality and excellence in everything they do and make sure everyone at YardPods shares the same passion.

Please contact us and let us create a unique personal space for you.


1. We are DESIGN CONSULTANTS not contractors, we work with licensed contractors that are local to you.

2. YardPods are not prefabricated, everything is built on site in about 3 weeks. Unlike competitors with prefabricated products, we do not have to charge Sales Tax or Shipping costs.

3. We receive compensation only by charging for our time.


YardPods will call you to understand your requirements and to gather the basic information about: intended use, size, roof type, doors and windows, budget, etc. (no charge).

We will estimate ball-park pricing. (no charge)

If you would like an on-site visit to review your site and to discuss the design options, we will be pleased to schedule it. Cost is dependent on your location and how long it will take to travel there.

We will prepare 3D sketches for your approval, you will approve or make changes. (no charge)

Once the design has been established, we will submit a formal Proposal to you with pricing to produce a drawing set comprising: Plan, Foundation Plan, Electrical Plan, Section, four Elevations, Perspectives and a Specification. This is sufficient for contractors to bid on your project. Our fee varies depending on the time that your project will take us, generally it is between $500 and $1,000, however, it can be significantly less if you select an existing design without changes.

If you plan to build yourself, we can also complete framing drawings and bills of materials at additional cost.

Depending on our work load, we can usually complete your drawings in 7 days or less.

We can provide a short list of contractors to bid on your project, but you are free to use any contractor that you prefer. Contractors will take about a week to submit bids to you.

You will negotiate directly with the Contractors and will select the one that you are most comfortable with. Once you have selected a contractor and signed a contract, they will need a week or so to order materials before starting on site. The actual construction process will take about three weeks.


Malcolm DaviesMalcolm Davies

B.Arch(Hons), Ph.D. Architecture & Building Science (Strathclyde)

Malcolm was trained as an architect and has a Ph.D. in Architecture & Building Science. He practiced architecture in the UK and practiced and taught in Saudi Arabia before moving to the USA. He has specialized in prefabricated and modular housing as well as small structures (YardPods). Malcolm has been CEO of Frank Gehry’s technology group and has also held senior positions in technology companies (VP-General Electric, SVP-Autodesk, CEO-Cadkey, COO-Hyprotech, etc.).

Malcolm’s focus now is on applying his knowledge and experience to the “Work From Home” marketplace with a focus on the San Francisco Bay Area.

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