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YardPods helps homeowners plan, design and build detached backyard home offices.

Work From Home In A YardPod

There are millions of people today who choose to work from home, and not just entrepreneurs but corporate employees as well. Work-from-home veterans will tell you that they get more things done and are less stressed when working from home. [...]

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Accessory Dwelling Units in California just got a lot easier!

Governor Gavin Newsom has signed five Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Housing Bills containing legislation making the addition of ADUs far easier and cheaper in California.  This will significantly impact anyone who wishes to build an ADU.  Here is a summary [...]

What does a YardPod Cost?

This is often the first question we get, even before we know what size, shape or specification the YardPod is. While we have standard designs with standard prices, nearly all customers customize their YardPods, and their requirements in terms of [...]