Reason #1: “You need MORE SPACE.”

This is the primary reason why people add a YardPod. More and more people are working from home either part time or full time, and the dining room table is simply not the most efficient place to work.

A YardPod provides additional usable space quickly and efficiently and the cost may be tax-deductible as a business expense. Because most YardPods do not need a building permit, you save time and money and can enjoy your new space in weeks.

Reason #2: “You need to get away from the KIDS/DOGS so you can work.”

The workspace needs to be quiet-enough to support concentration and telephone calls.  Having a screaming infant or a barking dog disrupt a business conversation is both unprofessional and unproductive. Children respond better to “Mommy has to go to work now” as you leave the house for the YardPod office, rather than “Mommy is working, please be quiet” as you type with one hand and entertain the toddler with the other.

As detached units, YardPods leave the noise of the house behind.  They can also be constructed with additional sound insulation to meet specific acoustic needs, such as road noise.

Reason #3: “You need to get your TEENAGER, his friends and his MUSIC – OUT OF THE HOUSE.”

Teenagers need space of their own to meet with friends and to share music, games and hobbies.  Parents need their sanity.

A YardPod is often a win-win situation!

Reason #4: “You need a place to meet CLIENTS.”

The home is a great place to live, but it is difficult to project a professional business image when the kitchen is also the business meeting room.  Just as you do not meet clients in PJ’s, you should not meet clients over the sight of your breakfast dishes, you meal preparation, or the noise of your dishwasher.

A YardPod can be finished as a very efficient office and meeting room.  Whether the furniture is from Ikea, Design Within Reach, or your local recycling store, it can be arranged to project the business image that you need.

Reason #5: “You need to get MORE ORGANIZED.”

A homeworker needs to be as organized as an office worker, there needs to be a place for files and a work surface, as well as a place for the computer, printer, scanner and whatever other digital devices are needed.

YardPods can be set up to precisely meet the way that you work.  At the end of the workday, you can simply turn off the lights and lock the door, having full confidence that everything will be just as you left it when you return.

Reason #6: “You need a WELL- LIGHTED workspace.”

The home office needs to be well lighted for health and comfort.

Even standard YardPods can be configured with windows of size and position to maximize daylight and views.  And, skylights can be easily added.

Reason # 7: “The house is TOO HOT / TOO COLD.”

Older houses can be difficult and expensive to heat and cool.

YardPods are very highly insulated in the floor, walls and roof, and windows and doors have energy-efficient double-paned glass. YardPods are far more energy efficient than most homes.  A small space heater and/or small AC unit (depending on geographic location) will provide year-around thermal comfort, saving the cost of heating or cooling additional rooms that you are not using.

Reason # 8: “You need a MAN-CAVE / You need a Yoga Studio”

If you are a regular host of Monday Night Football for your friends a neighbors, and have a spouse that hates football, you NEED a YardPod. YardPods can be delivered complete with couches, large screen TV and beer-sized refrigerator complete with your favorite team logos and photographs, or you can customize your own.

If you need a Yoga Studio, we can outfit a YardPod with appropriate mats and finish the inside with neutral relaxing materials.

Reason # 9:  “You need a LIBRARY.”

Are you a book-lover who is running out of bookshelf space?  Not ready to “go digital” yet? You NEED a YardPod!

YardPods can be fitted out with wall to ceiling bookcases to keep your treasured books safe and dry. And you can create a comfortable, quiet reading nook to enjoy them.

Reason # 10:  “You need a studio for your HOBBY.”

If you are a writer, an artist, a photographer, a knitter, a musician, a potter or…..  you need a YardPod.

YardPods can be finished with materials that are appropriate for most hobbies. Water-resistant flooring, pinboard or mirrors on the wall are all easy. Unfortunately, for those artists working with metal sculptures and use welding gear (and we have had inquiries), we cannot recommend a YardPod, a concrete shed with a metal roof would be better.

BUT, that is one of the few exceptions to the rule:

Whatever you want to do, you can do it better in a YardPod!”