Do you live in a WUI (Wildfire Urban Interface)? We have the answer – a YardPod F-R, Fire-Resistant Home Office or Shed.

YardPod F-R is a line of fire-resistant YardPod Home Offices and Sheds for people living in high-risk fire areas.

Developed from our standard YardPod designs, but with fire-resistant exterior materials, YardPod F-R is the ideal solution for people concerned about fire-safety.

YardPod F-R Sheds are constructed of our standard YardPod framing, 10 feet x 12 feet, installed on a concrete slab.  Walls are clad in cement board panels and trim and the roof is finished with standing metal seam metal roofing.  YardPod F-R Sheds use metal single doors and optional aluminum windows with tempered double-paned glass, as required by the fire code.

YardPod F-R Home Offices are also constructed of standard YardPod framing installed on a concrete slab. Walls and roof use the same material, cement board and standing metal seam roofing. Doors can be single, sliding or French doors and windows are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Both doors and windows have the same aluminum frames with tempered double-paned glass.  Structural ventilation is provided by fire-resistant wall vents.  Inside, a YardPod Home Office can be finished with drywall and trim and have insulation in the walls and roof, and a finished floor, just like a regular YardPod.

In addition to the standard designs, we are able to create a design just for you. Please ask us, but remember that in order to avoid the need for permits in most areas, the YardPods must be 120 square feet or less, measured outside.

We are also able to design complementary fire-resistant steps and decks to set off your YardPod.

Read all about fire-resistant design here.

Check out our designs, or contact us to discuss your requirements.