There are millions of people today who choose to work from home, and not just entrepreneurs but corporate employees as well. Work-from-home veterans will tell you that they get more things done and are less stressed when working from home. If fact, working from home is actually good for you.

However, finding a distraction free workspace at home can be a challenge. This is especially true of homes with growing kids. That extra room you could have turned into a private sanctuary to get work done may be needed to accommodate older kids. There may also be a baby coming into the house, which means the last spare room must become a nursery. Maybe your elderly parents have decided to move in, again taking up the spare room.

The home is a great place to live, but it is difficult to project a professional business image when the kitchen is also the business meeting room. Just as you do not meet clients in PJ’s, you should not meet clients next to your breakfast dishes, your meal preparation, or the noise of your dishwasher.

One solution is to extend your home, but that is not always possible or financially viable.

A better, cheaper and faster solution, if you have a yard, is to build a YardPod.

YardPods are typically 10ft x 12ft detached home offices that can be built and completed in a few weeks, usually without the need for permits. They are well designed, high-quality, sound and thermally insulated and comfortable, with power for computers, heaters, etc. There are many YardPod designs, but we can also custom design different sizes, shapes and finishes to suit requirements. Want to match the siding, windows and roof tiles of your existing house? We can do that.

A homeworker needs to be as organized as an office worker, there needs to be a place for files and a work surface, as well as a place for the computer, printer, scanner and whatever other digital devices are needed. A YardPod can be designed as a very efficient office and meeting room. Whether the furniture is from Ikea, Design Within Reach, or your local recycling store, it can be arranged to project the business image that you need.

At the end of the workday, you can simply turn off the lights and lock the door, having full confidence that everything will be just as you left it when you return.

Finished, completed small YardPods with power can be built on site starting at about $20,000 (often tax-deductible) in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. A 10ftx12ft YardPod with quality finishes typically costs about $35,000.

For more information contact YardPods.