This is often the first question we get, even before we know what size, shape or specification the YardPod is.

While we have standard designs with standard prices, ALL customers customize their YardPods, and their requirements in terms of windows, doors and finishes are all different, leading to a wide variety of costs. This is one of the primary reasons that people select YardPods.

However, we have been designing and delivery YardPods long enough to be able to suggest some guidelines. From the lowest price to the most expensive, here are our guidelines:




  • The minimum cost of building your own YardPod to our plans and specification with high-quality doors, windows, insulation and finishes. This assumes minimal foundations, or an existing slab and no labor costs. ($83 / sq.ft.)


  • The minimum cost of having a handyperson, carpenter or other worker build your YardPod to YardPod specifications in the Bay Area. ($125 / sq.ft.)


  • The typical cost of a 120 sq.ft. YardPod with a flat roof on a level lot that is built to our standards by a Licensed Contractor in the Bay Area with simple foundations. ($200 / sq.ft.)


  • The cost of a 120 sq. ft. YardPod built to the highest standards with cedar cladding by a Licensed Contractor in the Bay Area. ($250 / sq.ft.)


  • The cost of a 250 sq.ft. YardPod built to our standards by a Licensed Contractor in the Bay Area ($200 / sq.ft.).

Please note that while we specialize in designing and building YardPods that are 120 sq. ft. or less, we also build larger structures when required. 120 sq.ft. is the maximum size that can be built in most areas without Planning and Building permits, however, there are exceptions, such as in some Agricultural areas.


  • The cost of a 250 sq.ft. building designed and built to meet Planning and Building Codes in the San Francisco area. ($400 / sq.ft.)

In most areas, buildings will have to be designed and built to Code and will require Planning and Building Permits if they:

  • Are larger than 120 sq.ft.
  • Are used for “Living” that is as a bedroom, guest room, or ADU.
  • Have plumbing or sewer services

Hopefully the above information will help you to decide whether or not a YardPod could meet your requirements. Please call or send us a message, we are always pleased to provide free and helpful advice with no obligation and no sales pressure (we have no salespeople!).

Thanks for your interest in YardPods.

The YardPod Guys.

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