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A better way to Work at Home

Working at Home for the Long Term:

Many people are beginning to look seriously at how they can effectively work at home for the long term. The kitchen table might have worked for a couple of months, but that is not a permanent solution. Likewise, the spare bedroom was OK temporarily, but it is needed for other domestic priorities. Additionally, the disruption created by being in the middle of family life with kids, dogs, meals, proximity to the cookie jar and other distractions can make working difficult.  Because there is no separation between home and office, the two often blend together to the detriment of both personal life and work.

People who rent have few choices, but those fortunate enough to own a home can often have a better solution – a detached home office.

Build a Detached Home Office:

In many areas around the Bay Area, a detached home office like a YardPod™ can be installed in just a few weeks, without the need for permits. Some jurisdictions have size and/or height limitations, but these can generally be overcome or accommodated.  YardPods can have electricity installed with power from the main house, as well as cable connections, making a highly productive and comfortable environment for productive work.

No more Commuting!

One significant additional benefit is the elimination of wasted time and money in commuting to and from work.

How much?

A 120 sq ft (10×12 or 8×15) YardPod installed in the Bay Area, which is fully insulated, completely finished, painted and ready to move into will normally cost between $27,000 and $30,000.  Building on a hillside, or the use of expensive finishes will increase costs.

It is Time to Work from Home, visit YardPods.com to begin the conversation today.

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