Why waste time and money, commuting to work every day! Commute times add up, some people spend years of their life stuck in traffic or on public transportation.

Regain that lost time with a YardPod backyard room just a few steps away from your home. All the benefits of working from home like being close to the coffee maker and lunch kitchen, while still having a dedicated and secure workspace, free of interruption by pets, family or home robocalls.

At the end of the day, just lock up and leave, next day everything will be where you left it, no more need to clear up the kitchen or dining room tables before starting work.

If you are a consultant or provide one-on one service to your customers, a YardPod home office can be a great place to meet without inviting people into your home.

Be in control of the theromostat!  Set the temperature you want inside your YardPod or throw open the doors and windows to enjoy the outside during warmer months.

Instead of being stuck in a corporate office, be at one with nature.  When you open your double French doors, you are instantly enjoying the sights and sounds of birds and critters in your yard and the fragrances of your garden.

Like to work with music?  Turn up the stereo and create your own world without disturbing anyone, you can’t do that in a TuffShed!

Need to make phone calls without interruption?  Just close the door and you are in your own private world.

A recent survey of over 5,000 workers by FlexJobs found that telecommuting 100% of the time is the most desired type of flexible work arrangement among job-seekers (Forbes)

YardPods are light and airy, well-insulated (sound and temperature), and comfortable home offices.  Your YardPod might also be tax-deductible (ask your CPA).

YardPods can be our standard design, or if you prefer a prefab office, or a custom shed, we can design it just for you.  YardPods can be a backyard prefab with panels assembled off site or purpose built on site.

Check out our designs, or contact us to discuss your requirements.