Here’s how to prepare if you’re dreaming of an office-free existence.

by: Laura Belgray, August 12, 2019. Money

In my work lifetime, I’ve had what you’d call “dream jobs” at cool companies.

I was an ad copywriter at SPY Magazine and New York Magazine, and a promo writer at the Viacom networks Nickelodeon, Nick at Nite, and TV Land.

The television offices, where I worked as a freelancer or “permalancer” for fifteen years, were decorated in funky, retro-modern furniture. The hours, 10-6, were relaxed relative to “normal” corporate schedules. 

The people were, as a group, my kind of people. The cafeteria had frozen yogurt. Writers’ meetings were hilarious. I had a beanbag by my desk.

But given all that, I wouldn’t go back for anything.

I love working for myself, from home, and never setting foot in an office building.

If you’re thinking about giving up office life, here’s everything you probably won’t miss — and how to manage working from home. 

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