Small YardPod in San Francisco

San Francisco YardPod

SF YardPod

Small YardPod in San Francisco

Small YardPods in San Francisco and San Anselmo can be built up to 100 square feet in area, measured at the roof. They must also not exceed 8 feet in height from grade to top of roof.  YardPods built with these restrictions can generally be built without Planning and Building Permits, but an Electrical Permit will be required.

Prefabricated home office companies generally do not offer solutions to meet the size limitations, but because all YardPods are custom-designed and built, we can design to any requirement.  We have designed and built many YardPods that meet the requirements in San Francisco and we are also starting to do the same for San Anselmo which has the same size limitations.

In order to meet the limitations:

  • The roof cannot exceed 100 square feet and must be flat.
  • If the YardPod is 10 feet x 10 feet, no roof overhang is possible, we therefore suggest a prefabricated canopy over the entrance.
  • If the YardPod is less than 100 square feet, a roof overhang is possible.
  • The YardPod must be built on a concrete slab in order to minimize the height.
  • “Normal” door and window sizes will work.
  • In order to to meet the height limit, the inside floor to ceiling height will be just under 7 feet. This is lower than the normal 8 feet, but is acceptable for working while sitting at a desk.

Here are some of the designs that we have created for clients in San Francisco and San Anselmo.

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