YardPods is fortunate to be featured (p89) in this new book, along with some 150 other small buildings.

Building types are gathered into chapters:

“Tiny Homes on Foundations”

“Tiny Homes on Wheels”

“Tiny Homes by Architects”

“Prefab Kits”

“Earthy Materials”


“On the Road”

“On the Water”


The book has 213 pages packed with fascinating and thought-provoking pictures of actual buildings and the people who have designed and built them.  It is a must-read for anyone who wants to down-scale or simply enjoys reading about human creativity.

Lloyd published Shelter “an oversized offspring of the Whole Earth Catalog” in 1973, the first in his series of major building books. He promises to publish “Tiny Homes 2” and invites submissions to tinyhomes2@shelterpub.com.