Introducing YardPod CLASSIC

YardPod Classic is the latest generation of YardPod:

  • Lower Prices
  • Much Faster to assemble.  Contractors can install on a prepared foundation in one day.  Homeowners with building experience may take 2-3 days with friends.
  • Ships as a flat-pack anywhere in the USA
  • Walls, Floor and Roof Panels lock together
  • 4ft wide modular walls can be mixed and matched
    • Solid Panel
    • Panel with Door pre-installed
    • Panel with high Window pre-installed
    • Panel with normal Window pre-installed
    • Panel with tall Window pre-installed
    • 4ft wide floor panels
    • 2ft wide roof panels (lighter for lifting)
  • Recycled denim insulation in roof and floor (R-19) and in walls (R-13)
  • Available in 8ft x 8ft, 8ft x 12ft (normally do not need permits), and 8ft x 16ft (may need permits).

email for more information to (please include name, email address, telephone number and nearest city)