This is the latest YardPod, our first in Berkeley, constructed by our General Contractor partner Paul Melish Builder. Constructed as a 10 ft x 12ft YardPod with a flat roof, a 12” overhang on three sides and an 18” overhang at the front.  The new deck provides an easy transition into the YardPod and the outward-opening French doors allow the interior and exterior spaces to merge.

Framing is YardPods ST, that is light gauge steel framing which Paul and his crew are experts at constructing. The unit is designed as a Backyard Home Office.

This YardPod is built on “OZ Posts” which are galvanized steel spike foundations which are easy to install and which provide good support to the YardPod. The floor is also light gauge steel with Plywood and finished with bamboo. Walls and ceiling are finished with drywall (level 4) inside.

Outside on the walls, we used a “Rainscreen” system finished with Hardy Board cement panels.  The Rainscreen system is widely used in the Pacific Northwest but is not seen very frequently in the Bay Area.  It provides a complete watertight membrane around the walls, and features an air gap between the membrane and the exterior cladding. If any moisture should penetrate the cladding, it will run down and out through the gap without causing any problems to the building fabric. The aluminum vertical corner strips provide a clean edge and a sharp contrast.

The roof used our standard single sheet membrane that comes with a fifteen year warranty and is available as a “Cool Roof” (reflecting), in white, or in various shades of grey or brown.