I am always amazed when people say “I do not want a flat roof, the water will pond.”

YardPod Roof Overhang

YardPod Roof Overhang

In ancient times when roof membranes leaked, this was a valid concern, but no more.  We use Dura-Last roof membranes which are effective on a totally flat roof and warranted for 15 years.  As a practical matter, we always add a slight tilt away from the door so that rainwater does not fall directly onto the door.

Roof overhangs are also the subject of a lot of discussion.  In wet climates, a 12″ overhang on all sides will help to protect the wall siding, but in places like California where (particularly this last winter), we do not get a lot of rain, an overhang is not essential, and by eliminating the overhang, there are cost savings.

If shading is required for windows and doors, there are better and more cost-effective ways to achieve that, rather than overhanging the roof.

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