Q1: What is a YardPod?

A: A YardPod is a well-designed, modern, high-quality, insulated stand-alone building of 120 sq.ft. or less, designed for use as a Home Office or Studio.

Q2: Are Permits required?

A: Most local authorities allow such buildings to be built without permits. Some restrict them to be only used as storage sheds, some (like the City of San Rafael City) only allow them with full Planning and Building Permits.

Q3: Do YardPods comply with Building Codes?

A: YardPods are well-constructed small buildings, but they are not designed to fully comply with Building codes, to do so would double the cost. We can design YardPods to code when required.

Q4: Do YardPods have to comply with Planning Codes?

A: Yes. Building setbacks from the boundary and height limits are the most common regulations impacting YardPod design and placement. In some areas (San Francisco), there is a height limit of 8ft above grade to top of roof, meaning that internal headroom has to be reduced. Order a Site Assessment to learn about the requirements at your property.

Q5: Can I build a larger (than 10×12) YardPod?

A: In most jurisdictions, the maximum size of an Accessory Building that can be built without permits is 120 sq. ft. There are some exceptions in agricultural zones.

Q6: Can I use my YardPod as a temporary guest bedroom?

A: According to most local authority codes, you are not allowed to use a YardPod as a “Living Space,” that is one where people live or sleep. In practice, many YardPod owners let family or guests stay in the YardPod overnight.

Q7: Can I rent out my YardPod on Airbnb?

A: Legally, No. Any such building would need to be built to code. See Q6, above.

Q8: Can I add a bathroom?

A: No. Once a bathroom is added, the building becomes a “Living Unit.” See Q6, above.

Q9: Can you advise me what I can and cannot build?

A: We would be happy to provide you with a free telephone consultation, just complete the form and we will respond.