Windsor uses the term: “Second Dwelling Units” in place of “ADUs”

The Town of Windsor permits second dwelling units or “granny units” in Estate Residential, Surrounding Residential, and Village Residential zoning designations.

Number of units allowed:

• One second-dwelling unit is allowed on a parcel in a single-family zoning district with an existing main dwelling.

• Not allowed on a parcel developed with two or more dwellings.

Location on site:

• May be located attached to, or detached from the existing main dwelling.

• May be located above a detached or attached garage.


• An attached second unit is subject to the same front, sides, and rear setback requirements applicable to the main dwelling.

• A detached second unit, including a unit placed over a detached garage, cannot be located within a required front yard set- back, and needs to maintain a side and rear yard setback of at least five feet. Corner lots require 10 foot side yard set- backs. In addition, a six-foot separation from other accessory structures and the main dwelling unit is required.

 Windsor ADU Brochure