Pleasanton Second Dwelling Units

This is the term that Pleasanton uses to describe ADUs.

Regulations are covered in the Pleasanton Municipal Code 18.106.020.


Accessory dwelling units and junior accessory dwelling units are permitted uses in the R-1 one-family residential district, RM multi-family residential district, planned unit developments zoned for residential uses and A agricultural district, if the original unit is a legal single-family dwelling unit and the accessory dwelling unit meets all of the standards set forth in Section 18.106.060 of this chapter and the applicable site standards in Section 18.106.040 of this chapter for attached accessory dwelling units and in Section 18.106.050 of this chapter for detached accessory dwelling units or Section 18.106.070 of this chapter for junior accessory dwelling units. A public hearing for design review purposes only shall be held if required by Chapter 18.20 of this title.

Detached accessory dwelling units shall not exceed 15 feet in height and shall be limited to one-story structures, except that a detached accessory unit may be constructed above a detached garage, provided the garage meets the minimum setback requirements of the site’s zoning district and the accessory dwelling unit is not less than 5 feet from the side and rear property lines. Accessory dwelling units constructed above a detached garage shall not exceed 25 feet in height in the R-1 district and the RM district, and shall not exceed 30 feet in the A district. Height is measured from the lowest grade adjacent to the structure to the highest ridge or top of the structure.

No setbacks are required for a legal, existing garage converted to an accessory dwelling unit. All other detached accessory dwelling units shall be subject to the following minimum setback requirements:

  • One-family residential lots in the R-1-40,000 district and in planned unit developments which follow the site development standards of the R-1-40,000 district. Side Yard 20 feet, Rear Yard 20 feet.
  • All other lots. Side Yard 5 feet, Rear Yard 10 feet.


The City of Pleasanton has produced a Second Dwelling Unit handout which describes the approval process.

City of Pleasanton

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