Second Living Units in Los Altos

The City of Los Altos uses the rems UDU and Second Living Units, they are covered under Municipal Code 14.14.

Unlike most jurisdictions, Los Altos steers these units towards lower income households:

In addition to the findings required by Chapter 14.76, the following findings shall be made prior to approval of a second living unit:

A. That public benefit will result because the proposed second living unit will be maintained as affordable for a lower- or very low-income household;

B. That appropriate administrative measures, including disclosure of the maximum rent allowed and the income level of the occupant(s), have been required which will ensure that if the second living unit is rented or leased, it will be at a rate which is affordable to a person or persons of lower- or very low-income levels as required by Section 14.14.040, and that the income level of the resident(s) of the second living unit meets the appropriate limits for a lower- or very low-income household as determined by the city based on state and federal guidelines;


see full Ordinance for more details.

City of Los Altos Planning Department