Each authority has its own set of regulations. It is the responsibility of the owner to verify whether or not permits are required. Generally, you will not need a permit if you comply with planning setbacks and stay within 120 sq.ft. because such YardPods are defined as “Detached Accessory Structures.” Primary use must be for storage, as a “playroom” or similar.

Note that some areas have their own regulations for buildings not requiring permits:

  • The City and County of San Francisco limits building like YardPods to 100 square feet, measured at the roof level, and a maximum height of 8feet above grade.
  • The Cities of San Rafael and San Jose want to review all buildings of all sizes.
  • The City of San Anselmo restricts buildings to 8ft above grade.

A permit for electricity can usually be obtained over the counter at your local authority, without triggering the need for a building permit.

Please note that YardPods does not develop permit drawing or applications.  Instead, we use Consultants hired by the owner.