• YardPods Home Office

How to Add a Home Office to Your Too-Small Home

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For many people across the world, work no longer means navigating rush hour traffic or subway crowds to make it to work and spending 9 to 5 there. In the mobile age, more and more companies are relegating offices. Teams are communicating via Skype and using tools like Basecamp for collaboration and project management. Location-dependent [...]

  • FSC Certified Wood - YardPods

FSC Certified Wood & YardPods

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It’s no secret that the growth of big industry and globalization has wreaked havoc on the environment. In the last century alone, half of the world’s forests have been altered, degraded or destroyed. In this world of big business, it is up to us as responsible consumers to make purchasing decisions that support our beliefs [...]

  • Home Office YardPods

YardPod Home Office in Berkeley, CA

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Our latest YardPod is a home office in Berkeley. This is our first with opening transom windows. It features drywall interior, bamboo floors and track lighting. “The YardPod is great. It turned out really very well indeed and will be a fantastic new space for us. Many thanks for a job well done. I [...]

  • YardPods HQ Home Office

YardPods HQ Home Office

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The first YardPod.

  • YardPod's Malcolm Davies

Interview with Malcolm

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Need a Home Office But Don't Have the Room? An Interview with Malcolm Davies of YardPods Please tell us a little bit about your company and the services you offer. YardPods was founded in 2009 by Marvin Mauer and myself to provide design/build services for homeowners wishing to add a workspace or studio. Unlike most [...]

  • YardPods writer studio

YardPod Writer’s Studio

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This YardPod Writer's Studio has panoramic views across the San Francisco Bay. It features a 10ft x 12ft floor plan with a flat roof and exterior LP Smartside to match existing house.

  • Guest Cabana - YardPods

YardPod Guest Cabana in San Francisco

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YardPod Guest Cabana | 10ft x 12ft | San Francisco, CA

  • YardPod Home Office in Marin

YardPod Home Office with a Bathroom

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This 8ft x 12ft YardPod is divided into an 8ft x 8ft office and a 4ft x 8ft bathroom with full shower, washbasin and toilet. It is used by the owner as the headquarters of his Marin-based business. Exterior finishes and color match two other small buildings on the property and the office inside is [...]

YardPod Flat Roof? Overhang?

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I am always amazed when people say "I do not want a flat roof, the water will pond." YardPod Roof Overhang In ancient times when roof membranes leaked, this was a valid concern, but no more.  We use Dura-Last roof membranes which are effective on a totally flat roof and warranted for 15 [...]

YardPods Featured in San Francisco Chronicle

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