About Malcolm Davies

Malcolm is the other original YardPod Guy with a Ph.D. in Architecture & Building Science. Also passionate about sustainable, modular prefabricated buildings. Malcolm was CEO of Frank Gehry's technology company and CEO of Michelle Kaufmann Designs.

Top 10 Reasons why YOU need a YardPod®

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Reason #1: “You need MORE SPACE.” This is the primary reason why people add a YardPod. More and more people are working from home either part time or full time, and the dining room table is simply not the most efficient place to work. A YardPod provides additional usable space quickly and efficiently [...]

YardPod Home Office in Berkeley, CA

2017-08-08T10:38:28+00:00 By |

Our latest YardPod is a home office in Berkeley. This is our first with opening transom windows. It features drywall interior, bamboo floors and track lighting. “The YardPod is great. It turned out really very well indeed and will be a fantastic new space for us. Many thanks for a job well done. I [...]

Interview with Malcolm

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Need a Home Office But Don't Have the Room? An Interview with Malcolm Davies of YardPods Please tell us a little bit about your company and the services you offer. YardPods was founded in 2009 by Marvin Mauer and myself to provide design/build services for homeowners wishing to add a workspace or studio. Unlike most [...]

YardPod Flat Roof? Overhang?

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I am always amazed when people say "I do not want a flat roof, the water will pond." YardPod Roof Overhang In ancient times when roof membranes leaked, this was a valid concern, but no more.  We use Dura-Last roof membranes which are effective on a totally flat roof and warranted for 15 [...]

YardPod Home Office for a Teacher in Berkeley, California

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This 8ft x 12ft YardPod was designed and built for a Teacher in Berkeley, California.  She wanted an office that maximized wall space while still providing good natural light. We prefabricated this YardPod with five high-level Milgard aluminum awning windows and one glass-paneled steel door. Foundations comprised six site-poured concrete foundations with a [...]

Introducing YardPod® CLASSIC

2015-01-26T21:22:56+00:00 By |

Introducing YardPod CLASSIC YardPod Classic is the latest generation of YardPod: Lower Prices Much Faster to assemble.  Contractors can install on a prepared foundation in one day.  Homeowners with building experience may take 2-3 days with friends. Ships as a flat-pack anywhere in the USA Walls, Floor and Roof Panels lock together 4ft wide modular [...]

YardPods® – Maximum Comfort and Minimum Energy

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YardPods are custom-designed to meet the needs of each owner. One of the factors considered is the microclimate in which it is to be placed and how it is to be used. We prefer to design each YardPod specifically for its location and orientation rather than having standard designs which may or may not work [...]

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