A YardPod Site Assessment is a great first step for your backyard building project.

Site Assessments help provide answers to “Can I build it there?” and “What can I build?”

Site Assessments will save you time, reveal hard-to-find local building requirements, and help eliminate costly planning and building mistakes.

Using local zoning and design regulations we will perform a Site Assessment and tell you if you can build a YardPod on your property and the best location to build.

  • Up-To-Date, Accurate Property Data
  • Official Assessor & Zoning Data
  • Property setbacks, height restrictions, max floor space area and more

Additionally, we may be able to visit your property and provide you with even more comprehensive guidance.

About Building Permits

Building Permit
Typically, we can build a YardPod of 120sqft or less, without the need for building permits, when it is not classified as a “living space.”  Some areas, especially in agricultural zoning, allow larger structures without permits. Each local authority has its own set of rules and regulations, for example, in San Francisco there is an 8ft height limit and a maximum size of 100 sqft.  We will be pleased to help you to plan a YardPod which meets local regulations. Note that electrical work always needs an electrical permit, but that does not trigger the need for a building permit. If plumbing or drainage is planned, that always indicates a living space and the building must have a full set of Planning and Building Permits, greatly increasing cost.