YardPod Framing Kits deliver a huge project jumpstart and provide a YardPod at the lowest possible cost.

With YardPod Framing Kits customers can build their own YardPod, often with friends, sometimes with a contractor. An experienced team of 2-4 people should be able to erect a YardPod Framing Kit on prepared foundations in 2-4 days.

YardPod Framing Kits are packed flat and delivered to your driveway or pavement on a truck with a forklift in the SF Bay Area. They will need to be unpacked and carried to the job site by the homeowner, with help. YardPods is unable to unpack and carry kits.

YardPod Framing Kit prices start at $3,000, including delivery.

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Construction experience is required to successfully install a YardPod. If the owner does not have such experience, a licensed contractor or experienced builder must be used. YardPods does not offer videos or instructions for people without construction experience.

Framing Kit Components

Framing Kits include a pre-cut set of wall floor and roof panels for you to install on your own foundations. We offer four different kits:

  • 10ft x 12ft with flat roof
  • 10ft x 12ft with sloping roof
  • 8ft x 15ft with flat roof
  • 8ft x 15ft with sloping roof

These designs can be customized by changing the size and location of doors and windows.

Floors and roof panels comprise 2×6 framing with ¾” plywood decking already installed.

Floors are typically 4ft wide, so that they can be lifted by two people. Roofs use smaller panels to make it easier to lift them into place.

Wall panels comprise 2×4 framing with either plywood or LP SmartSide pre-cut and delivered loose for installation on site. Plywood will need to be finished with a building wrap and a suitable exterior cladding, whereas LP SmartSide can be painted and left as the finish.

For flat-roof YardPods, at extra cost, we are able to order and deliver a Duro-Last single sheet roof membrane with aluminum fascia which is relatively easy to install and has an excellent life.

YardPod Construction Drawings Included

YardPod Framing Kits are supplied with a set of Construction Drawings and Bill of Materials to help you to purchase the additional materials and complete your YardPod.

Recommended Foundations

YardPod foundations can be Owner-built to specifications provided by YardPods.

The choice of foundation will depend on the slope of the ground and the soil conditions. It is recommended that an engineer be consulted for all except a level to moderate slope on good ground. Steep slopes will require engineering.

Popular foundations include:

  • Concrete Pier
  • Precast Concrete Pier
  • Concrete Slab
  • Gravel Bed
  • Screw Pile

Concrete Piers. 10×12 and 8×15 YardPods both need 6 concrete piers, one at each corner and one at the mid-point of each of the long walls. This is the most common YardPod foundation and drawings are provided by YardPods.

Screw Pile. These will need a specialist contractor to install, but they are quick, mess-free and require no waiting time after installation.

Concrete Slab. YardPods will provide set of drawings to construct a concrete slab on flat ground which is well-drained and has good structural properties. This is usually more expensive than piers but eliminates the need for a wood framed floor.

Gravel Bed. This is the “Do It Yourself” solution suitable for well-drained flat ground. YardPods does not recommend this method for California because of the potential earthquake problems which might cause the building to slide off its bed. But it is successfully used throughout the area for many sheds. A YardPod can be placed on a gravel bed with 4×4 treated wood skids in contact with the gravel.

Recommended Materials and Finishes

Owners are free to select their own doors and windows which can be delivered directly to their home. Similarly, with roof, insulation and interior finishes.

In our Bill of Materials and Specification we suggest several exterior, interior, roof and foundation options as a starting point. But you can choose almost any materials for finishing your YardPod.

Materials & Accessories Catalog
YardPod Materials & Accessories

To discuss your requirements for a YardPod Framing Kit, please contact us.

We are here to assist in every step of planning, designing, and building a YardPod. Whether you need a lot of help or just a little. We offer many years of expertise and knowledge with residential accessory structures. We are happy to give you free advice to help you reach a decision without sales pressure.

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