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YardPods® – Maximum Comfort and Minimum Energy

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YardPods are custom-designed to meet the needs of each owner. One of the factors considered is the microclimate in which it is to be placed and how it is to be used. We prefer to design each YardPod specifically for [...]

Tiny Homes, Simple Shelters by Lloyd Kahn, Shelter Publications, Inc. 2012.

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YardPods is fortunate to be featured (p89) in this new book, along with some 150 other small buildings. Building types are gathered into chapters: “Tiny Homes on Foundations” “Tiny Homes on Wheels” “Tiny Homes by Architects” “Prefab Kits” “Earthy Materials” [...]

Steel Structures

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Steel Builds Great Structures There are many reasons why steel framing has come to the forefront as one of the best and most feasible alternative building materials for residential and commercial construction. Steel is a superior construction material. [clear] Highest [...]