YardPod Site Assessment Report


Our comprehensive Site Assessments are performed by one of our professional Site Assessors and using local zoning and design regulations we will quickly tell you if you can build a YardPod on your property and the best location to build.

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Here is what you’ll receive with your in-depth Site Assessment Report


  • Initial telephone call to discuss your requirements.
  • Research into local planning regulations, zoning restrictions, etc..
  • Review of Assessor’s Report, site restrictions and setbacks.
  • Online review of site and neighborhood.
  • Identification of issues of concern.
  • Creation of preliminary Site Plan showing restrictions.


  • An on-site visit by one of our professional Site Assessors, up to 2 hours.
  • Detailed discussion with you about your requirements, objectives and criteria.
  • Review of local authority potential issues and concerns (if any).
  • Review of access, site issues and obstructions, including trees, slopes, etc.
  • Visual survey of the site, location of services, views, orientation, shade, sun path.
  • Photographs and notes of the site and the finishes used in existing buildings.


  • Call or visit to local authority to clarify any issues.
  • A Detailed written report that includes:
  • Site Plan
  • Summary of Assessment with recommendations.
  • List of problems to be overcome (if any).
  • Recommended location(s)
  • Suggested layout
  • Suggested design type and materials
  • Budget guidance
  • Outline timetable
  • Next step recommendations
  • Follow-up telephone call with you

Use our expertise to eliminate costly fees, time delays, and local government bureaucracy.

YardPod Site Assessments are currently available in the ten SF Bay Area counties.

SF Bay Area Counties


Send us a message or call 1-415-382-8282 for assistance.