YardPod Preliminary Design Drawings


YardPod Preliminary Design Drawings can help:

  • Make decisions about what style and size of YardPod to build
  • Where to locate your YardPod

Preliminary Design Drawing production is based on number of hours to create. To find out how many hours your drawings will take please request a price quote.

Request A Price Quote

To purchase, select the number of hours your YardPod Pro quoted you:

Drawings Included

YardPod Preliminary Design Drawings include:

  • Floor Plan
  • Four Elevations
  • SketchUp Rendering
  • Overall Dimensions
  • Design Notes
  • 4 Pages Total
  • PDF format
  • Scaled for 8 1/2″ x 11″

Preliminary YardPod Design Drawings are stamped “Not for Construction” and you cannot legally build from it.

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