Planning & Preliminary Design Consulting (Hourly)


Planning and designing a detached structure in your backyard is complex but can be whole lot easier when you are guided by a YardPod Pro.

Personal YardPod Pro consulting will help you:

  • Make decisions about what style and size of YardPod to build
  • Where to locate your YardPod

Planning and Preliminary Design Consulting is based on number of hours. To find out how many hours your project will take please request a price quote and a YardPod Pro will contact you.

Request A Price Quote

To purchase, select the number of hours your YardPod Pro quoted you:

We offer many years of experience designing and building backyard structures. Use our expertise for proven quality designs, how-to guidance, and to eliminate costly fees, time delays, and local government bureaucracy.

Yes, we are more than just a faceless website experience. We have actual living, breathing humans you can talk with and email to get the help you need.

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