YardPod Construction Drawing Set, 10’x12′ With Sloping Roof


This 120 sqft YardPod design is typically used as a standalone backyard Studio, Home Office, Yoga Retreat, and more. The sloping roof provides more interior head room and transom windows look great and allow more light in. Permit Free construction in most locations. Includes over 20 fully detailed construction drawings and specs in PDF format. This plan can be customized. Mix and match finishes and accessories to get exactly what you need.


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Included in this Construction Drawing Set

Foundation Plans

Plan representation indicating the general design of the foundation. The foundation plans will show slab or pier foundation details.

YardPod Construction Drawings

Floor Framing Plan

YardPod Construction Drawings

Wall Framing Plan

YardPod Construction Drawings

Roof Framing Plan

This plan describes the elements that make up the roof.

YardPod Construction Drawings

Exterior Elevation

Elevations are a 2D representation of each side of the YardPod.

YardPod Construction Drawings

Exterior Render

3D representation of the YardPod.

YardPod Construction Drawings

Building Section

This is a cut-away view through the YardPod. It shows the relationship the ground to the YardPod and the roof.

YardPod Construction Drawings

Electrical Layout Plan

This drawing indicates the location of lighting fixtures, switches and outlets, showing lighting design intent and layout.

YardPod Construction Drawings

Floor Plan

Dimensioned plans indicating the layout of walls, doors, and windows. These plans are an overhead view of the YardPod.

YardPod Construction Drawings

Construction Notes and Details​

These details may include the foundation, interior walls, exterior walls, floors, and / or roof details.

Bill of Materials

YardPod Construction Drawings


Drawings scaled for 8 1/2″ x 11″ printing.

This YardPod Construction Drawing Set is suitable for a DIYer with construction experience or a professional builder. It is not intended to be a do-it-yourself guide for beginners.

Although our YardPod designs of less than 120 sq ft can be built “as is” without a permit in most places, your local building department may have specific requirements. Some of these requirements, including structural engineering, soils reports and zoning requirements may require significant additional investments.

The typical drawing set does not include any plumbing, heating or air conditioning drawings due to the wide variety of local codes and climatic conditions. These details and specifications are easily obtained from your builder, contractor, and/or local suppliers.

Examples of YardPods Built By Professionals & DIYers Using Our Planning, Designing and Building Services

YardPod Photo Gallery

Personalized Finishes

Think of a YardPod as a blank canvas for your ideas and creativity. We will suggest several popular exterior, interior, roof and foundation options, but you can choose almost any materials for finishing your YardPod. This is because a YardPod is a flexible building platform.

YardPod-Friendly Materials and Accessories

Most materials and products just don’t make the grade as far as YardPods is concerned. So staff experts and trusted advisers provide this catalog of vetted material and accessory options so you don’t get stuck with low quality, low value products. This catalog grows weekly.

Browse our online catalog of Materials and Accessories

YardPod-Friendly Materials Catalog

YardPod Materials and Accessories

Get exactly what you want

For customers requiring special features and design elements in their YardPod, we offer our Custom Design Service where we apply YardPods’ innovative design practices and high quality materials to customer-specified sizes, configurations and finishes.

Here are few example custom design options we can do:

  • Match your home: Exterior siding and trim
  • Floor plan sizes greater than 120 sqft
  • Roof shapes: Shed, Gable
  • Roofing material: Standing metal seam, Tile, Composite shingles
  • Extended overhangs
  • Custom windows and doors

For more information and to get a price estimate click the button below.

Custom YardPod Design Service

YardPod Custom Design

The License Agreement grants you the license to build a single YardPod from a purchased design.

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