Find out if you can build a YardPod on your property and if it meets zoning and design regulations specific to the location.

Included in the YardPod Feasibility Study:

  • Check for restrictive Deeds or Rights of Way on the property
  • Review HOA rules where applicable
  • Identify Permitting Agency (City / County, name address, phone, email website, etc.)
  • Check Zoning, check for Historic District or other restrictions
  • Determine recorded Lot Size
  • Determine recorded current building size
  • Check maximum allowable building area
  • Check Setbacks
  • Check Regulations for your zone
    • Minimum Lot Size
    • Size limits, area and height
    • Design requirements
    • Access requirements
    • Entrance requirements
    • Parking requirements
    • Other restrictions
ADU HQ Feasibility Study

You get all this essential knowledge about your property and find out if you can build a YardPod (or not) for only $200.

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