YardPods will qualify and deliver a short list of licensed contractors to you, including references. We can also provide advice on contract form, payment schedule and can arrange for formal Bids from the selected Contractors.

First, the owner should call or meet with the shortlisted contractors, discuss the project and review similar project experience.
The contractor should make clear how much of the project he/she will undertake directly, and how much will be subcontracted.  The owner may wish to visit projects constructed by the builder and/or talk to references.  It is important that the Owner feels comfortable with the qualifications and experience of the selected Contractor, including his/her track record of quality work completed on time to to the owners satisfaction.  The warranty record of the contractor should also be checked.

Once builders are approved by the Owner, bid packages will be sent out by the Architect or Designer.
YardPods is available to review the bids and make recommendations to the Owner.

Builder Coordination by YardPods is charged at $200/hour.

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