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California State ADU Legislation

In California, two or three significant pieces of ADU legislation are making their way through senate committees currently. Depending on how these bills shake out, they could also have signifcant impact nationally.

SB 831, my personal favorite of the proposed bills, requires jurisdictions to drop owner occupancy requirements statewide. This would the first time that state legislation has directly exacted this poison pill ordinance that is commonly found in local ADU regulations. It is about time for a government to address this arbitrary penalization of ADUs.

Competing legistlative agendas designed to help foster ADUs, including SB 1469 also are making their way through legistlative committees with broad support.

California has been moving forward boldly with ADU legistlation in the last two years, and these efforts have proven fruitful. The logic being deployed is that while ADUs have been theoretically endeared by decades, CA cities have been slow to adopt decent ADU regulations.

With a chronic and acute housing crisis unfolding statewide, the state is finally paternally stepping in to establish a baseline standard of acceptable ADU regulations. Cities don’t like having their zoning controls usurped by state legislation, but at this point, the housing crisis carries more than sufficient political weight to supercede the particular controveries surrounding the mandatory relaxation of local ADU regluations.