ADU HQ Feasibility Study

//ADU HQ Feasibility Study
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Find out if you can build an ADU on your property and if the ADU you are thinking about meets zoning and design regulations specific to the location.

Included in the ADU HQ Feasibility Study:

  • Check for restrictive Deeds or Rights of Way on the property
  • Review HOA rules where applicable
  • Identify Permitting Agency (City / County, name address, phone, email website, etc.)
  • Check Zoning, check for Historic District or other restrictions
  • Determine recorded Lot Size
  • Determine recorded current building size
  • Check maximum allowable building area
  • Check Setbacks
  • Check ADU Regulations for your zone
    • Minimum Lot Size
    • ADU Size limits, area and height
    • Design requirements
    • Access requirements
    • Entrance requirements
    • Parking requirements
    • Other restrictions
  • Determine Permit Application Process and required documentation.
  • Call Local Authority Planning office. Check all known facts. If OK, proceed to next step. If not OK, determine process for requesting a variance.
ADU HQ Feasibility Study

You get all this essential knowledge about your property and find out if you can build an ADU (or not) for only $100.

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