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First, undertake a site assessment or let ADU HQ undertake a site assessment and recommend a suitable location. Next, select ADU Design ideas from the ADU HQ collection on this site or any other source.

The purpose of the Site Plan and Conceptual Design is to help you the owner to make decisions early.

1. ADU Design Concept. ADU HQ’s experienced designers will create an initial ADU Design Concept with a 3D Model for you to review. This will show the required size, the number and type of rooms and the required design features.  When appropriate, a written specification will be included.

2. Site Plan. This site plan will show:

  • boundaries and set-backs
  • slopes
  • existing buildings
  • entrance
  • parking
  • hard landscaping
  • trees, shrubs
  • orientation
  • recommended location
  • access for construction / obstructions
  • demolition / landscaping required
  • orientation for sun / shade, views
  • noise sources
  • privacy
  • availability, proximity and quality of Services:
    • water
    • sewer
    • drains
    • electricity
    • gas
    • cable
ADu site plan concept

An ADU Design Concept plus a Site Plan of your property is $500.

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