ADU Architect Coordination Service

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In order to prepare construction documents and submissions for permits, a full set of drawings, calculations and specifications will be required.  The owner can select any qualified person to do this work, either a qualified Architect, an experienced Designer who may be independent or part of a design/build company.  The YardPods team has over 20 years of experience in designing and managing projects, we can help you to select the best architects or designers for your project.  We will present you with a short  list of candidates.

Primary Qualifications:

  • If an Architect, Licensed in the State of California.
  • Experienced in Residential Design, preferably ADUs.
  • Familiar with local codes, regulations and the permit process.
  • Completed projects in your area.
  • Excellent references and reviews.

We will assist you to select the best candidate. The client will interview each Architect or Designer, discuss their project, see examples of similar projects, then select one person that best meets the needs of the project. Architect or Designer will then propose a fee structure, payment schedule and time estimate.  Yardpod can assist in negotiating this contract if required.

After appointment, the Architect or Designer will:

  • Meet with the local Planning Authority to determine requirements.
  • Develop the design in consultation with the client, agree the final design.
  • Produce a full set of permit drawings and calculations
  • Coordinate with the Structural Engineer (when required).
  • Submit for Planning and Building Permits
  • Coordinate with the permit authorities.
  • Produce a full set of construction documents including drawings and specifications.
  • Prepare a Bid Package and Coordinate with the selected Builders.
  • Supervise the construction project, if contracted to do so.

YardPods can supervise this process on your behalf.

Architect Coordination by YardPods is charged at $200/hour.

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