Tuff Shed

Tuff Shed

If all you want to do is store your garden equipment, buy a Tuff Shed directly from the company, or from The Home Depot. Lowes and Costco also offer sheds that cost a few thousand dollars. However, if you want a comfortable, well-insulated place to work or play, invest in a YardPod.

10 Reasons To Select A YardPod

Construction Standards:
Tuff Sheds are built to “Shed Standards” YardPods are built to “Home Standards.” Think cold and drafty as opposed to quiet and comfortable.

Building Codes:
YardPods can be adapted to meet full building codes to allow the YardPod to be used as a “Granny Unit” or “Second Unit.” Tuff Sheds do not meet residential code requirements.

Tuff Sheds are available in a limited range of designs. YardPods are infinitely customizable by our in-house Architect. YardPods doors and windows can be anything that the owner wants in order to make the design work and take advantage of views and light.

Match Existing House:
YardPods can be designed with the same wall finish, roof shape and finish, doors and windows as your existing home. This makes it part of your home. TuffSheds cannot.

YardPods have full foundations, either slab or piers. TuffSheds have steel framed floors which are placed directly on the ground, less than ideal in earthquake zones, or where the ground may subside or flood.

Exterior Walls:
YardPods are designed to have residential – grade siding on wrap on structural sheathing. Tuff Sheds are not.

Interior Walls and Ceiling:
Tuff Sheds have no interior finishes, bare studs and joists are exposed. YardPods are finished in drywall or other owner-selected finishes.

Tuff Sheds have no insulation making them hot in summer and cold in winter. YardPods have full wall and ceiling insulation (and floor insulation when a slab is not used). Recycled denim insulation provides both thermal comfort and sound deadening.

Doors and Windows:
YardPods have double-pane insulated glass with low-e rating and screens, all standard new-home quality. TuffSheds do not.

Because they use standard residential construction, YardPods can be extended or adapted in the future using standard construction techniques and materials. TuffSheds are far more difficult to extend.

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