Studio Shed

Studio Shed

If you want to have limited design choices and purchase from a large company in a different State and do not mind having your building transported hundreds of miles by road, Studio Sheds can be a good solution.  However, if you live in the greater San Francisco Area, want a building that is exactly what you want and wish to reduce your carbon footprint and support local small business, invest in a YardPod.

10 Reasons To Select A YardPod

Personal Design with Infinite choice in design and materials.
Don’t be limited to prefabricated components. We can design a YardPod that is unique to you. Select or modify a standard design, or create a new design. Select your favorite materials and colors, and the perfect doors and windows and let us help you position it for maximum advantage.

Locally Owned and Operated:
YardPods was founded in Marin County over 10 years ago.  Our first YardPod is our showcase and looks as good new, as when it was installed.  Studio Sheds are built in Colorado while YardPods are designed and constructed in California by Californians.

Site Assessment:
Let us research your site and the applicable regulations.  We will tell you what the setbacks, height limits and floor area restrictions are.

Sloping Site?
YardPods can easily be built on sloping sites (a requirement for the Bay Area!).  Studio Sheds require a flat site.

Match Existing House:
YardPods can be designed with the same wall finish, roof shape, slope and finish, doors and windows as your existing home. This makes it part of your home. Studio Sheds cannot.

Design with your Landscape
YardPods can be designed with custom decks and pergolas so that they fit in with your landscape.

Personal Visit:
One of the YardPod Owners is available to visit your site, meet you to discuss your requirements, advise you on the best location and discus design ideas.

Doors and Windows:
YardPods have double-pane insulated glass with low-e rating and screens, all standard new-home quality, from all of the top manufacturers.  Available in wood, aluminum, fiberglass or PVC.

10 Years of Experience:
We have been designing prefabricated building for over 50 years and started designing and building YardPods over ten years ago. We have a wealth of experience in design, materials, construction and knowing what owners really like.

Personal Touch:
We have no salespeople, instead, you will deal with one of our founders (architects and engineers) who are always available to offer free advice.  You work directly with us, not through a middle agent. Contact us now.

Learn More:
Download a free Study Set.

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