YardPod Window Options

YardPods feature premium-grade aluminum framed, durable, energy-efficient dual-pane windows available in six sizes and placements. Multiple exterior colors and interior colors are available for each type of window.

Our high-performance Low-E insulating glass lowers energy costs, helps YardPods stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, reducing the fading of interior furnishings and condensation.

YardPod windows are built for decades of maintenance free operation.

Type Features

Casement Window - YardpodsCasement Window

36” width x 39″ height.
Hinged at the side and swings outward to open for full ventilation.


Single Hung Window - YardPodsSingle Hung Window

36” width x 39″ height.
The lower sash slides vertically to open while the upper sash remains stationary.


Sliding Window - YardPodsSliding Window

36” width x 39″ height.
Window sashes are side-by-side and open horizontally with one sash remaining stationary.


Tall Fixed Window - YardPodsTall Fixed Window

24” width x 80” height.
These windows do not open.


Transom Awning Window - YardPodsTransom Awning Window

18” high x 36” wide.
Hinged at the top and swings out from the bottom to open.


Transom Fixed Window - YardPodsTransom Fixed Window

18” high x 36” wide.
These windows do not open.

YardPod Custom Windows

For customers requiring windows not listed above we offer a Custom Design Service where we apply the same design technology and prefabrication methods to customer-specified sizes, configurations and finishes.
More about our Custom Design Service.