YardPod Door Options

YardPod French Door

French Doors
Fiberglass or equivalent with double-paned glass.
5’ wide x 82” high
Both doors are operable and swing out.

YardPod Glass Panel Door

Glass Panel Door
36” wide x 82” high
Mounted in 4ft wide wall panels
Swing left or right and in or out

YardPod Sliding Door

Sliding Door
5’ wide x 82” high
One side fixed

*All dimensions are the “rough opening” sizes.

YardPod Doors with Transom Windows

Doors may have transom windows with the 100.5″ ceiling height.
YardPod Doors with Transom Windows

YardPod Custom Door Designs

For customers requiring doors not listed above we offer a Custom Design Service where we apply the same design technology and prefabrication methods to customer-specified sizes, configurations and finishes.
More about our Custom Design Service.