The below Accessory Dwelling Unit / ADU FAQs are published to support your ADU design and construction project. We are constantly scouring the web, interviewing ADU experts and conducting research to bring you the very best answers. Feel free to provide your comments and suggestions.

What Does An ADU Cost?

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The #1 question: What will it cost? Planning, Designing and Building an Accessory Dwelling Unit will be a significant investment of both your time and money. (ADU HQ can lessen the burden). However, after completion, ADUs built to current [...]

How Do I Finance Building an ADU?

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For homeowners considering building an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU), one of the biggest hurdles is often financing the construction. It is common practice to begin by figuring out a budget and then design and build to that budget. The [...]

Can I rent my ADU?

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Owners can normally rent their ADU, but most local authorities require rentals to be long term (over 30 days).  They do not want owners to rent through Airbnb or a similar service, instead, they want ADUs to be considered [...]