About Marvin Mauer

Marvin is one of the original YardPod guys. He started out ages ago as a civil engineer in California and then moved into CAD marketing and ecommerce. Marvin was the founder & CEO of

How to Add a Home Office to Your Too-Small Home

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For many people across the world, work no longer means navigating rush hour traffic or subway crowds to make it to work and spending 9 to 5 there. In the mobile age, more and more companies are relegating offices. Teams are communicating via Skype and using tools like Basecamp for collaboration and project management. Location-dependent [...]

FSC Certified Wood & YardPods

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It’s no secret that the growth of big industry and globalization has wreaked havoc on the environment. In the last century alone, half of the world’s forests have been altered, degraded or destroyed. In this world of big business, it is up to us as responsible consumers to make purchasing decisions that support our beliefs [...]

YardPod Home Office with a Bathroom

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This 8ft x 12ft YardPod is divided into an 8ft x 8ft office and a 4ft x 8ft bathroom with full shower, washbasin and toilet. It is used by the owner as the headquarters of his Marin-based business. Exterior finishes and color match two other small buildings on the property and the office inside is [...]

New YardPod Home Office in Kentfield

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This 10ft x 12ft YardPod replaced a broken down greenhouse which was previously on the site. The original concrete slab was re-used. The YardPod matches the existing house with the same exterior boarding and roof profile and roof shingles. Inside, the floor is bamboo, the walls are drywall and skylights provide natural light. The building [...]

What will your YardPod® be?

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Home Office Walk to work! The perfect place to read or surf the web or talk as loud as you want. Media Room Move the kid noise into the back yard. Or watch your favorite movie without distractions. Arts & Crafts Studio The perfect setting for inspiration. Picture yourself lost in creativity. Zen Retreat Uninterrupted [...]

Watch the Video

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YardPod Assembly Watch the time-lapse on-site assembly of a 10' x 12' YardPod in San Rafael, CA. From the foundation to pre-built steel frame panels to wall and roof assembly to finishing with clear stain cedar exterior. Fully insulated and ready for the owner. Beautiful inside and out!

Sustainable Materials

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Commitment to Sustainable Materials and Processes We design and manufacture YardPods to achieve the highest standards of sustainability. We continuously evaluate material and assembly performance reviews as well as new sustainable materials in a process of continuous improvement. Materials YardPod materials are selected to achieve high sustainability ratings as well as outstanding performance.  Some examples: [...]

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