Santa Clara County ADU Building Regulations

///Santa Clara County ADU Building Regulations
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Can you build an ADU on your Santa Clara County property?

Once you have decided what type of ADU you would like, before you do anything else, you should research local authority ADU regulations online and visit your local authority Planning & Building Department. Links to city and county ADU regulations are below. Arrange for a meeting at the Department or visit during times that they are available for over the counter discussions.

Cupertino Accessory Dwelling Units – ADUs

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Cupertino refers to ADUs both as Accessory Dwelling Units, Secondary Dwelling Units and Granny Units. Cupertino Development Standards: You may build an Accessory Dwelling Unit if you are located in R1, RHS, A and A-1 Zoning districts. Minimum Size Maximum Size [...]

Gilroy Accessory Dwelling Units – ADUs

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Gilroy has not yet adopted an Ordinance to manage ADU development following the State rulings in January 2017.  However in December, they passed an emergency measure to limit the size of ADUs.  While State law allows ADUs up to 1,200 [...]

Milpitas Accessory Dwelling Units – ADUs

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Second Family Unit Milpitas refers to ADUs as "Second Family Units" and "Second Residential Dwelling Units." Any application for second family unit that meets the following standards in Section XI-10-13.08(C), Minimum Standards, below shall be approved ministerially without discretionary review [...]

Palo Alto Accessory Dwelling Units – ADUs

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The City of Palo Alto permits ADUs in all residentially zoned districts. Palo Alto Resources Accessory Dwelling Unit Ordinance No. 5412 Guide to ADUs and JADUs Permitting Process in Palo Alto Municipal Code Requirements Section 18.12.070 (R1 Single Family Residential District) [...]