San Mateo County ADU Building Regulations

///San Mateo County ADU Building Regulations
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Can you build an ADU on your San Mateo County property?

Once you have decided what type of ADU you would like, before you do anything else, you should research local authority ADU regulations online and visit your local authority Planning & Building Department. Links to city and county ADU regulations are below. Arrange for a meeting at the Department or visit during times that they are available for over the counter discussions.

Atherton Accessory Dwelling Units – ADUs

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Atherton Secondary Dwelling Units (SDU) "Secondary Dwelling Unit" is the term that Atherton uses for ADUs. Atherton regulations are in Chapter 17.52 Accessory Dwelling Units on the Municipal Code An accessory dwelling unit is permitted provided the following standards and [...]

Belmont Accessory Dwelling Units – ADUs

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Belmont has adopted Ordinance No 2017-1118 which amended the development standards for ADUs. General Provisions - The following provisions apply to all ADUs: There is no minimum lot size. The project site is zoned for residential use (Single or Multi-family), [...]

Brisbane Accessory Dwelling Units – ADUs

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The City of Brisbane has a Handout which outlines their rules for ADUs Development standards for Accessory Dwelling Units are located in Brisbane Municipal Code Chapter 17.43 Summary: Newly Constructed Accessory Dwelling Units: A newly constructed accessory dwelling unit shall be [...]

Burlingame Supporting ADUs

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Burlingame officials agreed to loosen accessory dwelling unit building regulations as a means of combating the local affordability crisis, despite the parking and property management concerns raised by some. The Burlingame City Council voted 3-2, with Mayor Michael Brownrigg and [...]

Colma Accessory Dwelling Units – ADUs

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Colma City ADU regulations are contained in Chapter Five, Subchapter 5.19 of the Municipal Code. Summary: 5.19.070 Standards. A. Except as provided in subparagraph (B), accessory dwelling units must meet the following standards: 1. Development on the Lot. (a)  A single-family [...]

Menlo Park Accessory Dwelling Units – ADUs

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The City of Menlo Park has produced Frequently Asked Questions and Answers relating to ADUs. Chapter 16.79 of the Municipal Code details ADU requirements. Summary: Secondary dwelling units are permitted within single-family residential zones, subject to the following standards, restrictions [...]

Pacifica Accessory Dwelling Units – ADUs

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  The City of Pacifica has adopted Article 4.5 - Accessory Dwelling Units in its Municipal Code. Summary: General provisions. The following provisions shall apply to all accessory dwelling units: (1) An accessory dwelling unit shall not be constructed unless a [...]

San Carlos Accessory Dwelling Units – ADUs

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San Carlos Second Dwelling Units San Carlos has adopted Chapter 18.23.210 Second Dwelling Units  in its Municipal Code 18.23.210 Second dwelling units. A.    Purpose. The purpose of this section is to: 1.    Allow second dwelling units as an accessory use to single-unit [...]

Woodside Accessory Dwelling Units – ADUs

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Woodside has adopted Chapter 153.211 in its Municipal Code. to describe its ADU Regulations. Summary:    All Accessory Dwelling Units, whether internal, attached to, or detached from the Main Dwelling unit, shall conform to the following requirements:    (A)   Requirements applicable to all Accessory [...]