Alameda County ADU Building Regulations

///Alameda County ADU Building Regulations
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Can you build an ADU on your Alameda County property?

Once you have decided what type of ADU you would like, before you do anything else, you should research local authority ADU regulations online and visit your local authority Planning & Building Department. Links to city and county ADU regulations are below. Arrange for a meeting at the Department or visit during times that they are available for over the counter discussions.

Alameda County Accessory Dwelling Units – ADUs

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Alameda County recently adopted interim regulations in compliance with state law, and is now exploring long term regulations that will reflect community needs while continuing to meet state requirements. Staff will be scheduling a series of public meetings throughout the [...]

Albany Accessory Dwelling Units – ADUs

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The City of Albany has not yet adopted its own ADU Codes.  Until it does, the California State codes will apply along with the Planning and Building regulations of the City of Albany. Albany Planning Department Albany Building Department

Emeryville Accessory Dwelling Units – ADUs

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Emeryville has not published guidelines for ADUs, but they adapted their existing codes for buildings which were were originally described as "Secondary Residential Units" and are now called "Accessory Dwelling Units."  See Article 14 of Chapter 5 of the Municipal [...]

Hayward Accessory Dwelling Units – ADUs

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The City of Hayward is currently updating its rules and regulations on Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), commonly referred to as "cottages, in-law units, granny flats, or second dwelling units" in response to new State legislation (Assembly Bill 2299 and Senate [...]

Newark Accessory Dwelling Units – ADUs

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Newark Municipal Code 17.16.030 covers ADUs Summary: a. Permitting procedure. Any application for an ADU that meets the applicable location and development standards contained in Section 17.16.030 shall be subject to ministerial review and approval without discretionary review or public hearing. [...]

Oakland Accessory Dwelling Units – ADUs

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Oakland Secondary Dwelling Units This is the term that Oakland uses to refer to ADUs.  The City has prepared a Handout to explain the zoning regulations. Summary: Design Review Exemption, to be processed within 120 days of application receipt. The [...]

Pleasanton Accessory Dwelling Units – ADUs

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Pleasanton Second Dwelling Units This is the term that Pleasanton uses to describe ADUs. Regulations are covered in the Pleasanton Municipal Code 18.106.020. Summary: Accessory dwelling units and junior accessory dwelling units are permitted uses in the R-1 one-family residential [...]

Union City Accessory Dwelling Units – ADUs

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The City of Union City has published a Guideline for Accessory Dwelling Units Summary: Requirements for accessory units are summarized below. For more information, see Section 18.32.020 (M) of the Municipal Code, which can be accessed on-line at Review [...]